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E-Commerce Strategist / Performance-driven Digital Marketing

pharma ecommerce specialist

Hello, I am Krystyna, a digital marketing  and e-commerce specialist based in London.

On my online CV webpage, you will find a lot of information about my professional history, description of my experience and areas of expertise, key achievements, LinkedIn recommendations as well as marketing articles.

Thank you for taking the time to read through my website!

I design and implement digital and e-commerce strategies that deliver exponential user, sales and revenue growth and strong ROI in the online pharmacy sector. Plain and simple, I love being creative in a non-creative, heavily restricted industry. Furthermore, I have digital marketing experience in a wide range of industries, incl. dating, financial, travel, fashion, beauty and FMCG (e.g. OTC medications and food products).

I am passionate about delivering effective, smart, and clear content marketing, email marketing and SEO strategies to meet business objectives, build brand awareness, drive user demand and engage patients to take the required call to action.

I strongly believe my marketing and e-commerce skills and knowledge set are highly transferable to any industry. I have proven success in revenue and online presence growth.

Do you want more users and sales on your websites? Get in touch with me for a chat! I do not have any side effects or contraindications. 🙂