Cae study: On-Page Optimization & Content

In September 2014 I started doing on-page optimization and creating content strategies for  The objective was to see the impact of publishing user-centric content to a website that has no history of high quality back links or social media since its creation. Furthermore, I also was willing to see if user-centric content could make difference in sales and revenue. Of course, we all know that it works (content is king), but I wanted to test it and see real results. Just to start, here is a summary of SEO Visibility in September 2014 when I started working on it. Source: Sistrix Tool
On-Page Optimisation and Content Strategies realized within Oct 1, 2014 - Jul 17, 2015:
The results SEO Visibility in April 2016 before the redirection the EU domain. Source: Sistrix Tool