LinkedIn recommendations

I have worked with skilled and dedicatied specialists over the years and below are a list of LinkedIn recommendations from some of them. They will testify to my leadership skills, dedication and aspiration to achieve best results in the pharma digital marketing and ecommerce:

susanne ritzdorf

Over the last one and half years, I have had the absolute pleasure of working under Krystyna as my manager, first as the Country Manager DACH and now as Head of E-commerce. Working under the wing of a person who is more a mentor than a boss, has not only boosted my work-ethic and motivation, but also improved my online marketing skills drastically. I have learnt all that I know about online marketing, from on-page SEO to email marketing and analytics, from her. She has shown patience when I could not live up to her expectations, whilst always setting clear objectives and working toward a common target.

Krystyna replaced another manager, within my first weeks at Wisby Ltd. Since her induction as a Country Manager first and now Head of E-commerce, Krystyna has shown resilience, immense skills within e-commerce and an impressive growth in organic traffic and acquisition, while her strongest features as a manager are her organisation skills and reliability. Additionally, she has the unique ability to think progressively and has taught me the absolute importance of data driven marketing.

Being one of the greatest motivators I have met, she is the “go to person” when conflicts or issues arise. She fearlessly looks out for her team and finding the best solutions in order to reach the objectives at hand. Krystnya has built a reputation as someone who has a broad vision and is always willing to be honest and straight forward.

Krystyna is a truly ambitious and dedicated woman, who will be a valuable asset to any company!

daniel schweitzer

Krystyna is not just a professional marketer with an amazing eye for details but easily one of the strongest and most progressive persons I have ever met during my work career.

I would say Krystyna’s core strengths are reliability, organisation and the ability to motivate and educate staff so people can meet their requirements at work. Krystyna is a strategic and data driven person and makes decisions not on gut feelings but solely on proven facts.

During her employment at Wisby Ltd. Krystyna started as a website manager for one of the core brands of the company and drove impressive organic growth within the timeframe of a few months for the German market. Achieving the targets and requirements easily it was a no brainer that she has been promoted first Country Manager DACH and not long after Head of E-Commerce. In both roles Krystyna is able to motivate and develop her staff and exceed all expectations that the company has of her.

Krystyna also is multilingual and is adapting to foreign language marketplaces in a way I haven’t seen before. Both abilities make her a perfect match for any international leader role within the marketing landscape.

Lastly I have to say that I enjoy working alongside Krystyna. I appreciate her honest and straight forward communication. She is a truly lovable person and will be with no doubt a valuable asset to any company.

alexander engl

I had the opportunity to work with Krystyna in our two years together at Wisby. She joined the team as a website manager and immediately impacted the whole brand trough her organized work and knowledge. Her career at Wisby was thus steep and well deserved. As country-manager and head of e-commerce she has proven that she is an amazing team leader and can execute her strategy to a high success.

During my experience with Krystyna I experienced her as being a very organized and reliable person. I could always count on her to getting stuff done and motivating her team to deliver their best on time. Her knowledge (especially in SEO), strategic approach and her self-driven personality brought her high respect within her team and the company. She is also a very nice and honest person which I really admire about her.

I am sure Krystyna will be an asset to every business and many will be impressed by what she can deliver.

fraziska daniel

It was my pleasure to work with Krystyna Trushyna at Wisby Ltd. She started as my assistant country manager and soon after she was promoted to become our country manager. I noticed her professionalism within first glance. Her work attitude, the way she managed the team was outstanding. She treated everyone fairly and always found the right way to communicate to each of us.

Krystyna was always open for new ideas but was resourceful at the same time. She supported me from the start and helped me to develop great marketing skills. Everything I know about online marketing is because of her great training.

Additionally, she is a great team player and is willing to share her extensive knowledge with the team. Due to that we could reach the highest targets as a team. Any situation she might faces she is able to deal with it in a very calm, constructive way so that she can find solutions very fast.

I can highly recommend Krystyna, any company can benefit from her great professional and personal skills. Her work attitude is incredible and will have a big impact on a company´s success.